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This blog is created so that I can share with you my moments from my different trips. I don't post regularly. Only when I go on a trip, and sometimes I might post about it much time later. All photos used here are taken from me ( or my father ^.^). In case I will use a photo which is not mine, I will always mention the source. Sometimes I will make references to my other blog as well, because I might feel my post isn't complete. This blog is exclusively about different places, cultural statements and photos. Extended references to topics such as fashion or arts won't be made. If you want, you can follow me, and I will always follow you back. Thans for reading this note :)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Photos from Athens- Christmas 2011-12

Those are some random photos, while we were taking breakfast. If Nataly sees them, I'm a dead man!

Me and Nataly are sleeping, and Steven took the chance to take some natural photos.
Steven and Nataly reading their books in the leaving room.
The christmas tree.

While we were strolling at Sintagma square. What I tried to catch in the first photo, are some cans, painted and decorated with christmas drawings. I enlarged the photo, so that you can see them.

At Nataly's room, the day we arrived.The tall guy behind me is Periklis. I know most of the photos are silly, but, whatever.

AT the village outlet Mc Arthur Glen. Me and Nataly planned a great Lipton Ice Tea commercial, but I can't say the result was the expected...Then we saw a hot dog stall and she wanted me to eat it...Bliech !!!

While we were waiting to pay for a jacket at Adidas store.

Outside the village outlet.We took many family photos.

While me and Nataly were waiting for my dad to pick us up, we spared some time and took some photos.I really love this column that I hug in the first picture.

Oh, just a tree, and the village outlet itself.

When my dad finally picked us up, we were in a crazy mood...I took a photo of Nataly and Steven, then Steven grabbed the camera and started taking silly photos. At one time I hit my head on the window.....

Uhm yeah...Pictures speak themselves! We finally arrived at the bowling centre, after the shopping spree at the village outlet, and, I must admit, we had a wonderful time. The score screen is actually representing the first game, but you must know that we played three games! Representing Nataly, miss Alice played instead of N. at the third game. My achievents? Nothing more than a game of 47 points and a broken nail!

After the bowling games, we had a long way until we reached the car. While walking, I took some photos of the nature at the rich suburbs of Athens.

Those are most of my vacation photos. I am glad that they are enough to fill some more pages at my photography album......